car wash grand opening
Our vacuums are some of the most powerful in the industry. Designed to clean deep in your carpet to remove any sand, dirt, grass and more form your vehicle.

car wash grand opening

automatic carwashAfter you finish vacuuming your car our premium washes start at $5. If your car has been good to you treat it to some upgrades. Wax will help protect your car's paint.

About Hose Me Down Car Wash

Welcome to Hose Me Down Car Wash, a new and better way to wash and clean your car. At Hose Me Down Car Wash we deliver the best wash in town at an affordable price and all in less than 3 minutes. And each wash package comes with free, unlimited self-vacuum so you can clean the inside as well.

* Founded in 2012, Hose Me Down Car Wash is the newest car wash of its kind in the Atlanta Metro area.

* Our fully automated, ride-thru process which includes unlimited self-vacuum allows you to enjoy a convenient, low-cost alternative to help maintain and preserve one of your most important assets.

* Our state of the art pay stations allow customers to quickly make their wash selection, complete the transaction and enter the wash while enjoying the comfort of their own vehicle.

* In less than 3 minutes, your vehicle travels along a conveyor while dirt, road grime, brake dust, bugs, and salts are removed from the exterior of you car by the best equipment the industry offers using safe soaps and waxes, soft cloth, foam and high pressure.

* Once you finish traveling through our car wash, take advantage of our free, unlimited self-vacuums.

* Our facilities are run by a knowledgeable staff.  Our facility is environmentally friendly as we recycle and filter and reuse all of our wash water and carefully manage our power consumption.

The Hose Me Down wash concept offers you a Better, Faster & Cheaper alternative for maintaining your vehicle. Stop by today and experience “A New Way to Wash!”

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